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Release the clutter, free your life.

Embrace a joyful and happy life, surrounded by things you love,
in an environment that allows you to visualize and pursue your dreams.

Experience the KonMari Method™. A way of decluttering and organizing, a way to discover what sparks joy in your life, and ultimately, a transformational way of living, inspired by the principles of Marie ‘Kon-Mari’ Kondo.

Your home, your dreams and your goals are personal and unique, and are so worthy of attention.

It is my honor to connect with you, to hear your heart, and to work together to infuse peace, clarity, and joy throughout your home and life.

I invite you to join me on a beautiful journey of intentionality to release the clutter and free your life. Because you matter. 

With joy and grace,

Jeannine Woods

Jeannine Woods
KonMari Certified Organizing Consultant

Organizing Services

The KonMari Method of organizing involves thoughtfully sorting through all of your belongings one category at a time, keeping only what “sparks joy” and designating a special home for each item.

+ The Joyful Home
Your dreams and your goals are personal and unique. Together we will work to infuse peace, clarity, and joy throughout your home and life.

+ Marie Kondo Your Move
Moving is a perfect time to declutter. Free yourself from moving things you don’t love, need or want, and enter your new home with a clean slate.

+ Holiday Joy
When it comes to holiday and special seasonal décor, more is not better. Holidays are meant to be a time of celebration, not stress. I’ll help you find and embrace the look that represents your ideal holiday home, decide which decorative items matter most to you, and then release – rather than store — the rest.

“Jeannine is an absolute treasure and pleasure to work with. My standard for what is now acceptable has skyrocketed, as well as my awareness on what truly brings me joy and knowing what is ‘enough.’”

– Katie L.

“Jeannine is the REAL deal. She will kindly lead you through the [areas] that overwhelm you, leaving you freer and more joyful, and with more time and mental space for the other important things in your life. [KonMari] has truly changed my daily life! Thank you, Jeannine, for such an incredible gift.”

– Angie M.

“Thank you so much! I cannot believe the difference. A weight has been lifted from [our family]. You helped our vision come to fruition, in a way that was organized and flexible, all at the same time.”

– Kim P.

Jeannine Woods
KonMari Certified Organizing Consultant
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